Author benefits

  • Fast decision times

Quick time to first decision – often within three weeks of submission.

  • Rapid publication

Most accepted articles are published online in their final form (copyedited, typeset and proofed) and fully citable, 2-3 weeks from acceptance.

  • Simple submission system

All our manuscripts are dealt with through our efficient and easy to use online submission form.

  • Track your article

You can track your article through the peer review process.

  • No compulsory charges

There are no submission or page charges regardless of the length of your article.

  • Free color images

You can opt to have your images published in color in the online version for free.

  • High standard, rigorous peer review

Modern Banking Journal provides a high standard of peer review, selecting original research which is high quality and relevant for its discipline.

  • Get peer reviewed

We value peer reviewers who determine the validity, significance and originality of submitted articles, whose expert suggestions help you improve your research and manuscript.